The metamorphosis of Brands through its changing logos

Logo redesign is a risk-filled step that many brands take in their quest for excellence. Risky because if things do not go as planned, a well-developed relationship between the public and the brand will be easily unsettled. Customers who have been loyal to the brand for long may also fell confused about the change of identity. Another school of thought may feel that such a change could be a positive one and may be an essential one if its older identity may not have conveyed the brand’s unique USPs.

Being one of the best logo designer in mumbai, we have made many successful transitions through logo change for our clients. While clients may demand the moon, it is essential to determine if the change is justified.


Every popular and famous brand does undergo an identity crisis and takes on a re-branding exercise, logo redesigning being a primary step. Top brands like Nike, Pepsi, Shell and MasterCard are prime examples of how logos have outgrown their old selves and become simplistic in terms of looks and design. Readers will agree that the current logos of Nike and Pepsi are much easier to identify and connect to.

Like other tech companies who made substantial changes to their identity in order to maintain their branding across channels, Airbnb also overhauled its look on mobile and desktop interfaces through its new logo called Belo that conveyed the message “Belong anywhere”. Initially it was however misconstrued for a lot of other things other than its actual message.
Uber too received its fair share of criticism for change its logo colour as per the region it catered to and at times tweaked its design too. As one of the Best Digital Agency in mumbai, we advise our clients in the best of their interests and craft some to the best logos in the business.


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