Social Media Marketing: Organic vs. Paid

Whenever there is a discussion about the best way to market products and services in the digital world, PPC and SEO inadvertently hog the limelight. However, parallel in the social media world, paid ads and organic marketing are growing and facing a similar dilemma. With a projected 2.67 billion active social media accounts by 2018, social media is surely becoming the most preferred to for business to focus upon.

Being a well-entrenched player in the field, as a social media marketing company in mumbai, we ask this question repeatedly; what is the best method of reaching across to people in this social universe? Let’s explore:


Paid Social
Using this strategy, brands can allocate a budget for a specific product or service and focus on a target audience with the information every social platform gives about demographics. One can keep refreshing the ad content across various social networks through ad formats. This not only keeps the ads looking fresh but also reduces the impression of spamming the audience, apart from sustaining a visual presence.

For achieving the right kind of success of paid ads, the following is essential:
 Targeting the right profile of audience
 Strategically splitting the campaign budgets
 Ensuring the ads are on the right medium

Organic Social
Every other content that isn’t paid advertising across social networks can be termed as organic marketing and needs to be a part of a well-defined and properly implemented social strategy. Being content driven, it is mostly used for:
 Forging a strong bond with customers
 Feeding information to customers
 Maintaining a brand presence
Social media is instrumental in getting content across, whether it is a tweet or a post, and is easy on the budget too. As one of the most preferred seo services in mumbai, we help our clients to execute many such critical social media campaigns using the best of tools described in this blog.


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