3 Reasons why websites fail and ways to avoid them

When the traffic dies down, online sales do not click and you wait for the phone to ring, this is the time when self-doubt is created. This is the time when you wonder if your website is a failure and is responsible for this bleak scenario. Although website failure can be the outcome of many different factors, from bad design to slow loading speeds, fortunately, it isn’t the end of the world in any way.
Your website can be restored to its previous glory by engaging the services of a good web
designing company in Mumbai or your internal design and development team could refurbish the entire site too. Read on to know the three primary reasons that websites fail and how to keep them away:

1. Your website is slow:

The modern world is a fast, barely-stopping-to-breathe kind of world and very few people have the patience to interact with a slow-loading website. A slow website is one of the primary reasons for the failure of a website, irrespective of the product, service or industry you belong to. Searchers want answers to their queries, quickly without an inordinate delay. They may be looking for a new recipe for tonight’s dinner or the latest match schedule or the details of a specific topic. Any website that takes more than three seconds to load and show the desired results is abandoned quickly as the user then moves on to the next choice.
This problem can be solved by applying the following solutions:
 Compress site images
 Remove unnecessary characters in HTML, CSS and JavaScript
 Fix bottleneck performances by improving server response times
 Reduce the number of redirects
 Use browser caching to reduce how often browsers are required to reload web pages

2. Difficult-to-use website:

When a website is confusing or difficult to use, it becomes a frustrating experience for users and this can cause website failure. It is possible that your website has been poorly designed and this could prevent your website from delivering properly. Users should be able to move from a page to another easily, without thinking too much on what needs to be done next.
The website can be improved and website failure can be prevented by taking the following steps:
 Change website layout so usability improves
 Ensure responsiveness so the site is displayed correctly on all devices
 Update website copy to provide clarity
 Update site colors for better readability

3. Website isn’t optimized for SEO:

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is designed to provide a fast and helpful user experience and optimizes it for the search engines as well. Brands that ignore SEO stand the risk of website failure since people cannot find your site and this means that you do not receive leads, website traffic and hence sales. You can choose to sign a contract with a Search Engine Optimization company in Mumbai to get a thorough, professional job done. Your website audit will be done initially to provide a strong foundation for an SEO plan.