What is AMP and why is it important for your mobile site

If you haven’t already realised, a major percentage of people who visit your website using their mobile devices will leave immediately if your site takes more than 3 seconds to load. Most people use their smartphones to access information which makes it quite necessary to maximize your site’s page loading speed.
The loading time of your site on a mobile/smartphone is an important criterion that needs to be paid attention to. To do this in an efficient manner, almost every digital marketing company in India uses the recently launched Google AMP or Google Accelerated Mobile Pages. This revolutionary tool is ideal to manage site traffic in a better way and assures improved revenue generation for modern businesses.
How does AMP help
This technological advancement has been developed specifically to delivery quicker and better versions of mobile websites to visitors. Google AMP makes sure that when your site is visited on a mobile, the entire site isn’t loaded and gives a minimalistic look to the site. It intentionally keeps certain portions of the website hidden thus allowing it to load quicker.
Since Google intends to make web content easily accessible for mobile users, AMP is an open source so anyone can use the technology to get its benefits. Most website owners are worried about content generation and page loading. Pages that are full of rich content and information take a long time to load and despite SEO and various other technical steps taken by every SEO company India, the issue still persists.
With AMP in place, all it needs is a minimum number of HTML codes with
Javascript to load a website. This is helpful since the content on various websites can be quickly hosted on AMP caches. Popular platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Reddit make use of Accelerated Mobile Pages to give users a better experience and serve them instantly.


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