How to place your logo on the website to get maximum brand recall?

A logo acts as a significant landmark which helps users to identify with the website when
they visit the website for the first time. Placing a logo at the top left-hand corner of the
website is the most common thing to do. Visitors generally look to the left side of the
website during their first interaction with it and the logo proves to be a focal point at the
If you consult with the best logo designer in Mumbai, they will tell you that the left-aligned logo has been a tradition of sorts with web designers all over the world and remains the conventional option. Anyone who wants to challenge these traditional methods and stand out from the crowd can move it to the right side of the page and distinguish itself from the millions of similar looking website out there in the cyber world.
Is logo placement really important?
It is quite possible to walk the untrodden path and discard the top-left logo placement and yet create a memorable website. An unusual layout can lead to a unique brand experience without having to follow traditional web development guidelines. As per a study carried out on website users, user reactions were analysed after the following:
 Users were shown the actual website design or a revised version with the logo
placed at a different location than the original one
 Users were allowed to look at the website for one whole minute and then asked to
describe their perception of the product/service in terms of uniqueness,
stylishness, sophistication, and welcoming
 Random demographic questions were asked after users were shown different
 Users were shown 10 different websites and asked to select the ones they had rated
in their earlier questions.
As a result, users were found to be partial towards websites with logos placed at the top
left-hand side than those with logos on the right. This clearly points out that placement of
logos does play an important role if you want users to recall your brand quickly.
Is a brand perceived as unique if the logo position is unusual?
There are no major differences between how the left-aligned and right-aligned logos were rated, nor does a product or a service seem more welcoming or desirable if the logo position is unusual in any way. As a rule, logos are incorporated in the header section and the only change can be in positioning the logo either to the extreme right or bring it to the center of the header. Any customized web development company in Mumbai likes to quote the example of the CNN website where the logo has been brought to the center of the page making it unconventional yet acceptable.


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