Did Google release an algorithm update in Jan 2017?

There has been an ongoing chatter about Google rolling out a fresh new update in Jan 2017, with dates being tossed around by the dozen, 24 th Jan a fairly prominent one. However, the entire month of January 2017 has been quite unpredictable and volatile overall as the global SERP trackers will show.
There also has been constant talk about Google updating its mobile-friendly search
algorithm during the first month of 2017 to make smartphone content visibility a ranking signal. As a result of this, websites showing interfering pop-up boxes (interstitials) which affect the user’s search usability on mobiles may notice that their content isn’t as effective as it was earlier despite having employed top-notch seo services in mumbai.
This “Mobilegeddon” as it was christened by the search community way back in 2015
returns this year and target interstitials which make life difficult for users to reach out to
useful content. Fortunately, with Google announcing its update in advance, businesses got a chance to tweak their strategies before the release.
Google intends to make the search process a lot easier that it is currently by ensuring the
irritating interstitials do not pop up at an inopportune moment, and users are able to access their results as soon as they land on a page of their choice. The purported algorithm update will exclude the following:
 Banners that do not hog the entire screen and are easy to dismiss without much of
an effort
 Publicly unindexable content like emails or anything that lies beyond a paywall.
 Interstitials that contain legal information like age verification or use of cookies or
anything that is part of a legal obligation
By approaching quality responsive web developers in Mumbai, this problem can be
addressed with ease. The best part of this update is that ranking changes will be update in real time which implies that it will re-rank the webpages as per the changes you have
carried out to make them mobile friendly.


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