WebGL and CSS 3D Transforms- Technologies for 3D in web development

We all live in a world where people think and experience things in 3D. Everything around us moves in three dimensions, especially the media, which is presented on flat screens to us. All the animated movies being produced are created from 3D images and so are majority of video games that we play either on consoles or mobile phones. Even the online maps that we use to locate our destinations, allow us to move around in a 3D environment. Switch on to any news channel and you will see the globe or the newscaster moving around a virtual set.
With so much of 3D around us, every web development company in Mumbai is making
efforts to excel in this field and use the latest tools and technology to bring out the best. 3D graphics have been utilized in various applications across architecture, engineering,
entertainment, gaming, education, you name it. However, 3D applications have used top-
end software and computer systems for a long time, but things are changing and how! Every computer or mobile device is inclusive of 3D processing hardware and going beyond that, the software needed to render 3D is universally available for free in the form of a web browser.
About WebGL and CSS 3D transforms

The two major technologies that are used to create 3D in the browser are WebGL and CSS
3D Transforms with little browser support. Let us understand what is so special about this amazing technology that designers and developers around the world have been using to create data visualizations, games, music videos and other exciting experiences.
Enhanced by hardware-accelerated 3D graphics, WebGL is a wonderful technology that
offers unlimited possibilities to web designers and developers alike. It can be used within
any web document and has excellent browser support, thus ensuring that this technology augurs well for the future too. It is useful not only for full page 3D applications as commonly seen, but should also be incorporated in regular web pages in combination with other content and technologies. Similar to using videos, images, SVG and other visual elements to create web pages, WebGL is used to provide a far more engaging experience to the users, by enhancing it with visual effects and graphics, which cannot be created otherwise.
For example, if you want to create a webpage and highlight a few important features of a
product, it can be done by adding an element of surprise and making to highly interactive through WebGL. It is possible to fuse regular CSS-styled text and colour circles with real- time 3D graphics, by amalgamating transparent WebGL contexts into the page. Also getting started with WebGL using tools like three .js, it is easy to craft and control 3D scenes. By using free and open source 3D editor like Blender, it is possible to create and edit your own 3D models.


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