An Integrated Approach to SEO- A sure-fire success formula

In this digital age that we are in today, dominated by mobile, social media and user-generated content, it is an absolute priority to synchronize every approach to search engine optimization. A collaborative SEO strategy works well every time and by understanding online and offline marketing, it is possible to drive relevant traffic to your website and improve conversions as well.

The modern world and its inhabitants need everything on an immediate basis and being one of the Best Digital Agency in Mumbai, we know how important it is to communicate with every aspect of a marketing campaign.
SEO and PPC campaigns are increasingly being managed together since the search funnel is being further dissipated since prospective customers search seamlessly on their laptops, tablets and mobiles, alternatively clicking between SEO and PPC results. It is becoming quite essential to jointly manage all searches, knowing clearly:

 How users search across various devices.
 How the funnel is evolving.
 How one channel impacts or complements the other.

The secret to effective integration how best to market vital business terms by making use of a combination of paid search and organic/natural search, thus leading to getting the most out of conversions for the lowest cost. Your PPC spend can be reduced dramatically without compromising on overall conversion or quality by using positional strategies. One can pump up the PPC spend, the moment SEO rankings rise, while remaining constant on the overall click volumes. This is a more systematic and strategic approach than the commonly followed drag-the-net-through concept which can give erratic results at best.

As a creative and thinking web development company in Mumbai, we have devised many such methods of integrating SEO, Social Media, PPC and Content marketing to achieve better conversions and improved profits.


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