The Role of Hero images in Website Development

Out of all the Justice League and Superheroes that appear on celluloid, the designer fraternity would appreciate and feel comforted by the presence of another champion, the website hero image. They play a deciding and telling role in the world of web design and have proved to be an extremely effective tool. “Hero image” refers to the large and eye-catching website banner that adorns the top of the webpage.

As one of the prominent web designing services in Mumbai, we have utilised the Hero to star in many of our productions. Hero images are a precursor or act an introduction to what awaits the viewer in the rest of the website. Just as the opening scene of a movie or a play can set the tone for the remaining part, an impressive and elegant Hero image will build an image of class and culture.

These Hero images are photographs which are directly connected to the content in website. With animated images, illustrated artwork and vector backgrounds, designers at many top ranking web development Company in Mumbai have taken Hero images to the next level. By using large full-screen backgrounds alongside hero images, a completely new dimension can be easily added to single page designs. Since single page landing pages do not have much information to carry, these aesthetically great-looking images can add tremendous value to the page.

With the growing number of blogs and online magazines over the past few years, there has been exceptional use of hero images to make an impact by featuring different images on the home page. The incorporation of a giant hero image in the header, helps the article to draw attention to itself and others too. We are reputed Digital marketing Company in Mumbai and we have mastered the art of creating eye-catching and striking designs with the effective use of hero images.


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