Adobe Target- An advanced Web Analytics tool for Digital Marketers

Adobe Target is an integral part of Adobe Marketing Cloud (AMC) which consists of Web Analytics and online marketing products released by Adobe Systems. AMC is a full-fledged marketing solution that is useful to marketers measuring campaign response, personalising campaigns and optimising them. Adobe Target is an advanced tool created for testing of digital experiences and can also provide custom-made content and product recommendations using the anonymous profiles it creates.

As we are a top-notch web development company in Mumbai and we utilised many such marketing tools to enhance our client relationships. Adobe Target consists of optimisation tools, a user interface and best practices to track site visitors. It has been empowered with a self-learning algorithm that helps it to improve conversion rate and is capable of sifting through results in a highly precise manner. For understanding numerous real-time targeted content elements, it makes effective use of factorial testing.

Adobe Target utilises the data like IP addresses, referral URLs, brand affinity and time of access, all of which has been collected through automated behavioural targeting. By implementing Adobe Target, we, as the best Digital Agency in Mumbai have been able to customise the experience of our client’s end user. Maximising revenue on mobile/web sites, social media, applications and all other media options becomes a breeze due to its application.

Adobe Target consists of various components like:
• Target Standard: This is useful in providing a visual interface to manage A/B tests and targeting activities.
• Target Premium: This component enhances Premium features on the Target standard interface.
• Target Classic: It offers a form based interface to set up optimisations and tests
• Recommendations Classic: This component, based on earlier user activity on the website, spontaneously shows content, products or services that would interest the viewer.

As an organization interested in optimising campaigns and measuring their response, it will be wise to approach a web development company in Mumbai who can manage this activity in a professional manner.


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