Google SEO impact on Friday: Local Search?

If you have inspected your Google rankings during the last week, you would have noticed an unexpected movement either upwards or southwards. Instances of highly ranked web pages found themselves at a never-before low and lower ranked webpages being propelled higher were noticed. Also there have been reports of no-change in rankings too. So what exactly transpired on that day?

As a leading digital marketing company in Mumbai, we have our ears to the ground and try to pick up subtle signals that have the potency to make a difference to a client’s ranking. The consistent babble and the heavy speculations abounding in the industry have pointedly indicated that Google has carried out a search update on 2nd September which led to substantial drops & spikes.

In order to provide better user experience, Google is known to tweak and alter the algorithm on a regular basis, even daily. Since these updates are not to significant enough to cause a major flutter, they pass on unnoticed, but the search engine giants major updates cause a huge impact on the rankings. Such updates are done without a warning which does not allow the black hat SEO techniques to prepare for the change. However, those webpages that abide the rules also take a hit as they are unable to understand the changes carried out thus causing a lot of heart burn. Even the most reputed graphic designing companies in Mumbai are unable to anticipate these updates.

Panda update was one of the most significant updates that Google released for its ranking algorithm and industry-users will recall it targeted sites that had thin, low quality content. Many opined that the Penguin update, that targeted the quality of sites link profile, had finally arrived, which ultimately turned out to be a rumour. We are ranked amongst the Best Digital Agency in Mumbai and help our large clientele maintain their rankings and move northwards with consistency.


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