SEO or PPC? Which one to use to boost traffic & when?

Website Traffic is the lifeline of every business in the modern world. Sounds like a cliché? It may, but it’s true in every sense. The success of a business does depend a lot on the kind of traffic it is able to generate and also the quality of traffic it is able to attract. For generating traffic, two extremely powerful approaches are used, PPC-Pay Per Click & SEO-Search Engine Optimisation. They both work on two different methodologies and techniques, although their final goal remains the same, improving website traffic.

Though both SEO and PPC are highly effective mechanisms to drive traffic to your website, one may be perfectly suitable for a certain situation, the other may not. We are a professionally driven Graphic designing company in Mumbai and we understand the strengths and limitations of both these platforms and the value of their applications.

Under what conditions should one use SEO?

SEO is a set of specialised techniques that are utilised to push a specific website to the top of the search results in leading search engines. As per statistics, 80% and more of the traffic generated for a website is the cause of a search engine result, with Google leading the list.

To improve the value of the website: If you want to market your website at a premium, its value has to rise and there are many factors that can help to enhance this value. Traffic volume generated, page rank, search engine ranking and consistency of traffic are a few factors that SEO can impact directly.

To obtain consistent results: SEO results do not occur overnight and need time to show their impact. However, you are assured of sustained traffic once your website reaches the top position through the SEO route.

Of course staying on top does not come easily and working with a reputed digital marketing company in Mumbai may be the perfect solution to reap long-term benefits of an SEO campaign.


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