Mobile Advertising: Trends and its Impact

Mobile advertising is the most popular offshoot of Mobile marketing and is defined as the communication of services and products to smartphone users. The range of mobile advertising varies from short messaging services (sms) to interactive ads. This kind of advertising targets consumers as per particular demographics as networks help in identifying preferences and profiles of the smartphone users. When the consumer downloads games, apps or ringtones using data services, advertisements based on their choice are displayed on the screen.

Many digital marketing companies in Mumbai are proficient at piloting such services and help to promote your products using this fast-growing medium.

Mobile advertising is done in the following ways:
 Mobile Applications: This includes sponsored mobile applications, integrated ads, branded mobile applications and in-app display advertising
 Mobile Web: This category includes Rich Media mobile, Text tagline, WAP banner and mobile Web banner ads.
 Multi-media messaging services: This type of advertising includes banner, audio, full, video, rectangular and short text/Long text ads
 Mobile Video and Television advertisements: This category comprises of Interactive mobile TV and video ads, ad breaks and linear & non-linear ad breaks.

Types of Ads that are prevalent currently:
Banner: This is the most popular format that dominates advertisements. The banner ad employs a discreet banner, either at the top or at the base of the screen. This “Banner” consists of text, images and graphics which are used to convey the message to the user. It does not contain any detailed information due to space constraints and is highly dependent on brand recall or recognition. Its success lies in the simplicity of design and is the easiest way to promote one’s brand across maximum number of people.

Video: This is the most engaging kinds of mobile ad as it plays while the user is using or opening an app. They are costly to implement and quite complex when it comes to execution.

Native: These kinds of ads blend easily into the publisher’s app or any other content and do not resemble a typical ad format. It does not look like an ad as its format looks similar to the app format itself and provides optimal user experience.

Interstitial: This is the most interactive kind of ad that appears while an app is being loaded or is being closed and fills the entire screen. It offers some high level engagement with the product and features some highly creative call-to-actions.

The growth in sales of smart devices and tablets is extremely encouraging and mobile advertising will expand its range and reach across consumer profiles in a huge way. A leading SEO company in Mumbai can launch a mobile ad campaign for you and help you to gain tremendous mileage. Mobile advertising is growing at a blazing speed and is predicted to grow much faster than any other Digital advertising category available today.


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