PPC – When is it better suited than SEO?

Visitor Traffic is the lifeline of any online business as its success depends on the traffic that can be generated for its pages. While this fact is widely accepted, the debate arises when two of the most powerful digital marketing tools of traffic generation, SEO- Search Engine Optimisation and PPC-Pay per Click are pitted against each other. Though they achieve a similar goal, SEO & PPC are different concepts with unique methodologies & techniques. Both the tools are highly effective in their own way but one method can be a winner when applied to a particular situation but may find it difficult to generate traffic in another.

As a leading digital marketing company in Mumbai, we identify the strengths and weaknesses of SEO & PPC and apply them accordingly for maximum impact. There are many situations when PPC is a better selection than SEO and proves to be highly beneficial for a specific online business with a niche requirement:

• When instantaneous results are desired: PPC can deliver results in a jiffy and are ideal for product launches, event focused marketing, affiliate marketing, seasonal promotions, affiliate marketing and JV projects where time is of importance.
• When targeted traffic is required: Since PPC allows prospects to be narrowed based on their gender, demography, income, age and marital status, it becomes a powerful way reaching a narrow band of prospective customers and ushering them to your website.
• When your website isn’t SEO friendly: If your website isn’t content rich, SEO cannot be used and this is when PPC is the best approach to attract visitors to your site. For example, Squeeze pages do not have enough content and thus PPC can be used effectively here.
The key is to identify the right approach to get maximum success. We are a top-notch Graphic designing company in Mumbai and we run many such impactful campaigns for our clients with exciting results.


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