What are Advertising Networks?

Let us get to the basics first. An Advertising network represents a large number of websites in marketing advertisements, which allows advertising buyers to connect to a broad spectrum of audiences effortlessly. As a business, it emphasises on linking advertisers to websites that are searching for clients who want to host ads. Such advertisement networks work as mediators or brokers between the supplier and the buyer and facilitate this transaction with relative ease. We are a premium logo designer in Mumbai and we work to create designs that project your true image.

In this manner, an advertisement network relieves the websites from going through the process of spending on tracking software and creating their own servers for this purpose, while ensuring this is done in a structured manner. It also mediates advertisement campaigns and promotions by locating content inventory that is in sync with the requirements of advertisers who want to run ads. These campaigns include

• Running advertisements over a particular category, known as run-of-category or
• Running advertisements over an entire network, known as run-of-network.

Advertising networks classify the sites available in their network by the type of content covered. For example, sites pertaining to Travel, Beauty, fitness etc. may be bunched together into verticals and marketed to advertisers who want to connect to compatible audiences. Ad networks may be partial towards specific segments while others may cater to any site that comes their way. Ad networks also cater to audiences bifurcated on the basis of their demography, interests or behaviours.

The premium segment of ad networks, however may be quite selective about the publisher quality they deal with, while the lower rung may not be as choosy for obvious reasons. As a leading SEO service in Mumbai, we are focused on quality than quantity and cater to digital inventory that includes desktop, video and mobile too.


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