Voice Search & SEO

Voice search is dynamically influencing the future of SEO and modifying how SEO methods are utilised in these mobile-dominated times. Here are the inside facts of what voice search is and how it works.

In order to understand a user’s voice search request, Google employs a blend of Text to Speech & Natural Language processing. This request is processed which matches the query with an answer and forwarded to the user. While Text-to-speech converts the voice into text, Natural Language processing attempts to understand the intent of the request.

With mobiles being used more than computers to carry out Google searches, it is time for digital marketers to understand the growing value of voice searches and its impact on SEO. As a top-notch SEO company in Mumbai, we realise the power of voice search and are ready to utilise it to enhance your business. Keyword focused queries may lose their relevance a bit and keyword stuffing may be a thing of the past with mobile voice search taking precedence over other methods.

voice seo

In order to make your website voice-search ready, taking a few steps may save the day for you:

 Writing content in a normal voice that sounds natural will help your brand to speak the language your consumers may use during a voice search. Also, the content will be more conversational in nature.
 The use of long-tail keywords and its early implementation will help as longer queries may be a norm soon
 Make sure you address answers to “What, why, who, where and how” questions in your blog, website and social media, as these will be the questions your potential consumer may ask.

World over, businesses are investing heavily in voice recognition technology and Google, Apple, Amazon and many television manufacturers are a few of them. We understand your apprehension about taking the next step and as a prominent digital marketing company in Mumbai, we can help you with this much-needed transition that the entire world is gradually moving towards.


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