The new gen SEO – App SEO aka App Store optimization

So studies now state that the conversion rates for sales on a mobile app are much better than that on a traditional website. This surely leads us in a direction that businesses should apps to compliment their websites, social media marketing and other digital effort. We recommend that too. But the biggest challenge with mobile apps since inception till date has been to convince users to download the app.


seo optimizer app
One of the recommended solutions among many others that we recommend to clients as a digital marketing company in Thane, Mumbai has always been to implement App SEO or App Store Optimization (ASO) strategies to ensure that the apps are discoverable and thus a step closer to be downloaded. Even the folks at Google stand by the fact that most of the installs are a result of searches. Imagine being found among the millions of apps that exist today. A challenge by itself. Aunt it? So what is ASO all about and how can it be done? How can one improve their visibility in the app stores? Let’s start with the biggest repositories of mobile apps. App store and Google Play store. Both of these being products of different companies have different fundamentals and work differently. And indeed, this baby is still young and growing.
App indexing plays a very important role in this space but mainly for apps to show up on Google. Not to forget that google themselves have confirmed that this a part of their algorithm to rank apps in their results.
Remember the SEO concepts of On page and off page, how can the app world be any different? Here the jargon is on-metadata and off-metadata. Just like the websites, on-metadata are parameters or specifications that needs to be handled within the app and off-metadata is about stuff beyond the app ie achieving the best ratings for the app and also link building. Link building remains similar to the web world.
Not to forget that even optimizing the videos and screenshots ensure a better ranking and play a prominent role.
Even in ASO, there are white hat techniques and black hat techniques just like SEO. Any use of automated bots etc could be labelled as black hat.
Time for digital agencies and SEO to work more and better on this piece. But you can think of us if you are already looking for digital agency in Thane, Mumbai or SEO Services Company in Thane, Mumbai who are already offer ASO services


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