Mobile Optimization – Dos and Donts

In our previous blog, we have tried drilling in the importance of mobile optimization and its relevance in the current SEO world. Here are some Do’s and Dont’s to ensure we do the right things and have the right focus while attempting to be technically right.
Below is the to- do list as we optimize our websites for mobiles:
The most important factor and the topic we would have beaten to death across our blogs time and again is speed. Not to forget that as a web designing company in Thane, this is our focus all the time. The simple belief being there is no point in having the greatest feature of all in your website when the users will definitely not wait to see it for the time it takes to load and we have quoted similar instances of failing ads in the mobile space.
Design Mobile First websites. While conceptualization of the websites traditionally has been catering to the desktops and laptops, the mindset now has to consider the fact that most of the audience is on mobile. So it would be only apt to first design keeping the mobile users in mind and then customizing for the laptops and older media.
Given the limited real estate on the cell phones and the varying sizes of the infinite variety of phones, the content should be structured and concise enough to fit in and yet be able to drive you message and story to your audience.
In any case, User experience and user interface takes precedence in all aspects of web development. Being a graphic designing company in Thane, our designers ensure that even the click buttons are suited for the touch screens of various phones along with all graphics.
Phew, so here was the list of things to do for mobile optimization, so how long should the list of don’t’s be. To be honest, not really big, if we do the above well and rightly, then only one should suffice. Guess the only thing to be considered while designing for mobiles is to ensure not to try and include too many things. Cluttering within the small space, is the last thing the users want to see. And given the confusion and the inadvertent links clicked due to the clutter, best to avoid.

Hopefully this turns out to be a good foundation for your journey into mobile optimization


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