Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing campaign – A boon or a curse?

For starters, let’s explain what exactly PPC marketing is and how it works. PPC marketing or Pay-per-click marketing is a popular method for business to route traffic to their website via paid ads.

So rather than a onetime fee for the ad, in PPC campaigns, the business pays the provider a certain fee for every click it receives on its advertisement. PPC is currently the most instantaneous and sure shot method for gaining targeted users for a webpage.

Having your site organically ranked in search results requires technological know-how of web development, effort and patience given the time it takes to increase your rankings with simple SEO and other organic tactics. SEO effort could imply changing the entire website from top to bottom in order to try to gain relevance. It takes careful monitoring and a lot of skill In order to successfully grow a business with SEO. Whereas PPC as a shortcut, ensures instant results and offers much more control and flexibility. But as rightly said, all good things come at a price.

Pay per click campaigns can be conducted on web pages as well as search engines. In search engines, these advertisements appear alongside organic results and mostly attract more attention by being placed in an eye catching position. It requires business to bid on particular relevant keywords for their website which will be ranked on the basis of those keywords. Constant bidding increases the cost per click which is what you pay the provider for every click to their webpage. On web-pages, the PPC rate is decided by the owner of the webpage. One of the drawbacks of PPC marketing on search engines is that there is a constant increase in competition which leads to higher bids and can make a particular keyword or set of keywords quite expensive. But the biggest and most important catch is how many clicks are from genuine targeted customers who will buy your product? Will the click convert to a sale?

PPC campaigns need constant payment for continuously consistent results. Therefore, if you don’t pay attention, your business could go into a loss because of the enormous and yet increasing costs of the campaign. One of the advantages and also hidden disadvantages of PPC is how it allows control at the keyword level and how performance data can drive real time data adjustment. It is a hidden disadvantage because it is so very detailed and precise that it gets overwhelming and hard to control at a certain point in time.

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This is also why a business should enlist experienced PPC marketing service providers as they are capable of designing and handling a successful PPC campaign that does not drain the financial supply of a business. While one could probably find multiple agency (and by now freelancers) claiming to be experts in the field, a name that often stands ahead of competition within India and particularly Mumbai is SySpree. SySpree is a one stop shop digital production and digital marketing company that provides customized web development in Mumbai, and given their specialization in digital marketing is in a very comfortable position to run PPC marketing or Pay per click campaigns. As stated by an existing client, the firm has managed to reduce expenses on the campaign and yet provide exceptional results compared to the client’s previous experiences by optimizing campaigns and balancing these with SEO. While the mentioned firm is an example there are a handful of others too who are worth a mention: eg. Bruce Clay, Page traffic, Development India, Brick SEO to name a few. Only experienced professionals can create a customized PPC campaign that will help a business achieve its maximum potential rather than a skewed cost benefit ratio.

Since PPC campaigns can turn costly very easily and only ensure users for as long as they run, they are not advisable in the long run unless your business is very established and has large funds. Short term PPC campaigns can benefit new companies to make a mark in the digital marketing world. It provides the business with advertisements to only targeted users and helps save costs due to payment required only for users that click the link and visit their page. This provides a good base for young-blooded companies to start out on. But as often said my marketing professionals, life goes on till the moolah comes in.

Like every other marketing model, PPC campaigns have their pros and cons. The ball is in your court to decide.


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